Maid Visa Services

A maid's visa can be obtained by the head of the family (called sponsor, and usually the male), whose salary is not less than AED 6000 a month or AED 5000 + accommodation. Bachelors are not eligible to sponsor a maid. You can only sponsor a maid from the following countries: India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Nepal and Indonesia.

Steps: Apply in the following order:


1.Maid’s Original Photo (Mandatory)

2.Maid’s Passport OR Copy

3. Salary Certificate (If sponsor visa 3 years)

   -  Labour Contract (If sponsor visa 2 Years)

   -  Partnership Contract ( If Sponsor is partner or Investor)

        1.Ejari (Dubai)                             

        2.Tenancy Contract (Sharjah)  } of Sponsor

        3.Tawteeq  (Abu Dhabi)

5.Sponsor’s Original Passport OR Copy

6.Sponsor’s Residency Page (Mandatory)

7.Sponsor’s IBAN Number with 3 months Bank statement (If Sponsor salary is less then 20 thousand AED)

8.Sponsor’s EID CARD Original (Mandatory) 

9.Marriage Certificate with Attestation (Home Country and UAE)

10.Sponsor’s Wife’s passport and visa Copy