Services of public relations agents and clearance of transactions for companies

UAE government officials need professional experience to successfully manage the full course of the proceedings, so an expert is needed to guide you through these multiple stages and help you complete all the required papers successfully.

The service clearance team assists private companies during all stages of preparation for establishing a business through a wide range of public relations representatives and transaction tracking services in Abu Dhabi. We work closely with Abu Dhabi officials across government departments and are widely known as the most efficient PR service providers in our field.

We guarantee you absolutely that you can benefit from the services of our public relations representative by not having to wait in long queues and spending money on the required government requirements

Whatever the service of the required public relations representative, we act as a local sponsor in Abu Dhabi for services such as commercial licenses, passports and immigration, termination of passport and visa services, trademarks, copyrights, certification and other services. Public relations representatives ensure that customers are supported with excellent services, making their stay and business smooth in the UAE

We also employ skilled experts in the various procedures set forth in the UAE Free Zone Laws and Regulations

As our work depends on government agencies, our established relationships with them help faster in getting approvals for transactions, passports, renewing licenses, editing work contracts and much more. We make obtaining approvals from UAE Ministries, Chamber of Commerce and Foreign Affairs easier and affordable